Because the best prevention is a plan.

Advance care and end of life planning services that ensure your care is personalized and exactly how you want it.

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Patients & Caregivers

At Uphold Health, we help you and your loved ones understand likely future care experiences based on your diagnosis, communicate your care preferences, and access the right care for your health, wellness and overall peace of mind.

More Support

Understanding your prognosis and the options you have is the first step to understanding what to expect in the months and years to come. We’re here to guide you to the right care, according to your wishes.

Better Adherence to Your Wishes

Our advance care navigation service allows you to make your preferences known to caregivers and providers. At Uphold Health, we make sure your wishes are communicated early and often, so critical care decisions are more effective.

Less Hassle

Uphold takes the hassle out of coordinating your care. From facilitating difficult conversations with caregivers and providers to connecting you with appropriate resources and services, our licensed clinical social workers can help find your best path forward.

Industry Solutions

Advance care and end of life planning services that increase patient autonomy, reduce costs and lighten provider workload.

Health Plans

Better engage members and improve the continuum of care with right-sized, right-timed solutions.

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Empower employees with advance care planning services to lessen the burden of caregiving and increase retention.

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Deliver better patient care and support without putting additional strain on your resources.

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Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Whether you’re a patient, provider, health system or employer, access to the proper advance care and end of life planning resources is crucial to improving long-term health and quality of care. Let Uphold Health guide the way.

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