What is Uphold Health?

Uphold Health is a digital health agency that provides end of life care documentation and advance care planning.

Who are your services for?

We serve all parties across the healthcare spectrum, including patients, caregivers, providers, health plans and even employers.

How does it work?

Patients tell us about their healthcare scenarios, and we help educate them on care options and potential resources. We also help coordinate services with local, on-the-ground providers.


Do you replace a discussion with my doctor?

No. We are simply here to help educate, inform and support your decision-making process. We do not provide medical advice, and all decisions should be reviewed with your doctor.

Is this covered by my insurance?

Some health plans do cover our services. Contact a licensed clinical social worker for help understanding if your benefits can be applied to Uphold Health.

Can you come to my home?

We typically offer our service via phone or video chat, though some in-person requests may be accommodated. Contact us for more information.

Do you work with ESL families?

Yes, we currently have care coordinators who speak Polish, Spanish and Chinese and are working to add more languages in the coming months.


What can Uphold Health do for me?

We can offer patient support and guidance where your office may not have the resources. We can also help ensure more effective appointments and conversations by communicating your patients’ preferences and end of life wishes ahead of time.

Is it difficult to integrate?

Our technology is designed to integrate directly with your existing patient portals and systems. You can also work us into your initial patient consults and onboarding process for even easier access.

What end of life documents can you help my patients with?

We help with all sorts of health care directives, including DNR forms, POLST documentation, powers of attorney and other advance directives.


Why should I consider Uphold Health for my employees?

Our services can improve overall employee health, productivity and attendance while lowering benefits costs and employee turnover.

How does onboarding work?

Our technology is designed to integrate directly with your employee portals. You can even include it as part of your annual benefits discussions to reap even bigger benefits from our services.

Health Plans

How can Uphold Health save us money?

Our advance care planning and end of life services reduce your costs two-fold: first by improving the continuum of care and increasing provider efficiency, and second, by reducing unwanted and unnecessary treatments and admissions.

How does it work?

We integrate with your member and benefit portals to provide on-demand patient support, resources and end of life planning documentation. We do the heavy lifting, while you and your members enjoy all the benefits.

Ready to join us? Set an appointment to speak with a team member and customize your experience with Uphold Health.