5 Ways to Improve Employee Health

5 Ways to Improve Employee Health

Want your employees to be more productive? To take fewer sick days? To become more present in the workplace?

Then focusing on staff health is critical.

In fact, according to a study out of Brigham Young University, healthy employees take off 27 percent fewer days than their less healthy counterparts. They also cost employers up to three times more in health care expenses.

Want to improve employee health and boost productivity at your organization? These 5 tips can help:

1. Stock the kitchen. 

Employees who eat fruits, vegetables and low-fat foods are significantly more productive than those who don’t. According to the same BYU study, employees who rarely eat well are 93 percent more likely to see productivity loss throughout the workday.

To help your employees get the fuel they need to do their best, consider stocking your office kitchen with complimentary food and drink options. Offer a wide array of fruit, nuts, water bottles and other healthy choices, and keep your team members from resorting to fast food in a pinch.


2. Partner with local health organizations.

Once or twice a year, consider partnering with a local hospital or health provider to bring free screenings, wellness exams and other health checks right to your workplace. Give your employees an hour or two off to attend, and make sure to have resources on hand regarding your company’s health benefits, coverages and providers in case anyone needs to make follow-up appointments or seek further care.


3. Use tech to your advantage.

Offering your employees tech-enabled health services can be a great way to improve wellness outcomes in the workplace. Online care coordination services, for example, can help employees better find providers, more easily make appointments and plan for future care and health needs. Choosing benefit plans that include telehealth options are also a good way to encourage more preventative health measures.


4. Offer mental health days.

Safeguarding your team’s mental and emotional wellbeing is vital if you want to improve attendance and productivity. Consider offering one or two “mental health” days in addition to your sick days — or at the very least, leave flexibility in what constitutes “sickness.” Giving your team members the time they need to de-stress, recuperate and tend to their mental and emotional needs can have long-lasting effects on their drive and commitment to your organization.


5. Get physical.

Make an effort to create a more active workplace. Offer standing desks, take walking meetings and instead of annual dinners and galas, consider a group 5K run or field day. Partnering with a local gym for discounted membership rates can also be an excellent strategy for increasing overall employee health.


The Bottom Line

Better employee health benefits everyone involved. It means a longer, happier life for your workers, as well as better attendance and productivity in the workplace. Want help encouraging better health within your organization? Request a demo today.