Enjoying Your Senior Years: 5 Tips for Making the Most of It

Enjoying Your Senior Years: 5 Tips for Making the Most of It

Life can and should be enjoyable — no matter what your age or health status may be.

In fact, there’s never a better time to sit back and enjoy life than in your older years. The kids have grown up and moved out, you’re free from work and other obligations, and you know yourself and your spouse better than ever before.

Studies show that happiness may even breed better health, too — an even bigger reason to start finding joy in every facet of life.


Is your health, age or diagnosis keeping you from enjoying your elder years? These tips can help:


Find your outdoor activity.

Getting outside is crucial to overall happiness. Sun exposure improves your Vitamin D levels, which can help combat depression, anxiety and other forms of mental suffering. It can also stave off inflammation, lower your blood pressure and offer countless other health benefits.

Try and find an outdoor activity you enjoy and could presumably do often. Maybe it’s walking leisurely around a local lake, biking to the grocery store with your spouse or playing chess on the front porch with a neighbor. Find your activity, work it into your schedule and stick to it.


Learn something new.

It’s never too late to gain a new skill or learn about a new topic. Consider enrolling in a class or lesson of some sort to widen your knowledge base and keep your brain and body active.

You might consider:

  • Taking dance or instrument lessons
  • Learning a new language
  • Enrolling in cooking or baking courses
  • Learning a new sport or board game
  • Honing your comedy or acting skills

Use your last years as an opportunity to try all the things you never got to and push yourself to continue growing no matter what age you might be.


Stay social.

It can be easy to isolate yourself as you age. With no workplace to go to and no school pick-up line to frequent, many seniors find themselves solo for most of the day. Don’t fall into this trap. Make it a point to schedule social calls at least once or twice a week. Go to your local community center with a neighbor, take your grandchildren to the park or just call up an old friend to reminisce or catch up. Stay connected.


Give back.

Helping others can be a great way to pass on your wealth of knowledge, as well as meet others in your community. Consider taking on a Meals On Wheels route, volunteering at a local shelter or community center or just offering tutoring at the local library. If you’re the handy type, look into local Habitat for Humanity projects or volunteer to do repairs at a church or school. You have the chance to leave a lasting impression on your community and the people who live in it.


Engage your senses.

It’s important to keep all your senses active and engaged on a daily basis. Listen to music you love, eat your favorite breakfast or wear your favorite soft fabric. Pay attention to how things feel, taste, sound, look and smell, and push yourself to use these senses in new ways. Could you listen to a new type of music? Try a new cuisine? Look at a new style of artwork or architecture? Keep your senses on their toes.


Remember that happiness and health go hand in hand. Want more ways to ensure your long-term health? Sign up for Uphold Health today to complete your advanced care planning documents.