How to Enhance Your Benefits Offerings in 3 Steps

How to Enhance Your Benefits Offerings in 3 Steps

Offering your employees a robust benefits package can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Not only can it improve overall staff health and attendance, but it also boosts overall productivity and retention — meaning better workers and a more committed, dedicated team on the whole.

Want to enhance your organization’s benefits offerings without breaking the bank in the process? Here are three easy ways to make it happen.


1. Get to know your employees.

Knowing your workforce is crucial to offering a well-suited benefits package. Who are they? What financial, personal and health challenges do they face? What areas of life do they need support in? Use regular surveys to gauge your team’s benefits needs, as well as how your current offerings are measuring up.


Here are some questions you might want to include:

  • Are you a caregiver to a friend or family member?
  • Do you have children or plan to have any in the near future?
  • Are you suffering from stress or anxiety?


Armed with these answers, you can better choose benefits offerings that fit your team’s needs. Do they need time off to care for others or tend to their mental health? Would paid parental leave or childcare subsidies help ease their burden?

A quick note: Be sure to make these surveys anonymous. This will encourage more participation and protect your team’s privacy on sensitive matters.

2. Support it with the right technology.

The right technology can improve both participation in your benefits plans and overall team health. A tech-driven employee portal can make for easier annual enrollment periods, while online care coordination services can ensure your team uses those benefits to their fullest.

You might even consider offering a telehealth package that allows employees to consult with a medical professional digitally. This can also increase participation and help reduce sick days.

3. Future-proof it.

Great benefits don’t just address the here and now. They also help your team tend to their future needs as well. Make sure your plan includes some sort of advanced care planning services, which allow them to establish healthcare proxies, complete care directives and plan out their future medical wishes and preferences. Enabling online completion of these forms and directives can increase participation even more, so consider supporting these efforts with tech as well.

You can also use your employee surveys to plan benefits needs well into the future. Include questions that speak to not just your team’s current conditions and health concerns, but also those they foresee tomorrow, next year and years down the line.


Enhance Your Benefits Offerings with Uphold Health

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