Uphold for Health Plans

Licensed clinical social worker explaining end of life planning decisions to senior citizens.

On-demand advance care planning to educate your members and improve continuum of care.

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Why Integrate with Uphold?

Our software-enabled advance care planning services integrate directly into your existing enrollment and membership portals, putting educational resources, end of life planning services and decision-making support at your members’ fingertips.

Key benefits of integration include:

  • Higher member engagement in advance care planning
  • Improved quality and continuum of care
  • More informed care decision-making
  • Patient support at critical care moments
  • Better alignment with patient preferences and end of life wishes
  • Reduction of unwanted and unnecessary admissions
  • More personalized care and shorter visits thanks to predictive care insights
  • Reduction of costs related to aging, serious illness and acute treatment
  • Better access to advance care and end of life planning documents for providers and patients alike

Our health plans and ACOs also experience better participation in end of life planning. We assist members with advance care directives, like DNRs, POLST forms, powers of attorney, etc.

Adapt and Predict

Our software is designed to predict future care needs and engage members at the right time in the care process.

Our technology acts as a living document , which allows you to adapt to your members’ changing needs as they age, fall ill or experience life changes. Our goal is to keep you, your members and providers on the same page no matter what stage of life or illness is at hand.

Improve Quality, Improve Value

Uphold Health’s right-sized, right-timed advance care navigation and end of life planning, can help you and your members enjoy a more efficient and cost-effective relationship.

Are you ready to improve both quality and continuum of care while driving down costs and achieving better overall health outcomes? Then contact Uphold Health today.

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