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Uphold Health employees discussing next steps for advance care planning

Your employees are caregivers too. Ease some of their stress with on-demand care planning tools that make happier and more present employees.

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Why Integrate with Uphold Health?

Our advance care and end of life planning services have the power to improve outcomes on both the employer and employee side.

Employers enjoy:

  • Reduced burnout for employees who are caregivers
  • Better employee health and attendance
  • Happier, more productive employees
  • Easy integration with existing member portals and benefits discussions

Employees get:

  • Easier, more effective healthcare delivery for themselves or a loved one
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better health and quality of life
  • Assistance with advance care and end of life planning

The best part is that employees — from management down to mail room — get access to expert health and benefit navigation on-demand.

Easy, On-Demand Integration

Our technology makes it easy to provide Uphold’s advance care services for your employees. We integrate seamlessly into your existing employee portal, making understanding options, finding resources, and documenting care preferences a breeze. You can also integrate our services into your annual benefits discussion.

Better for Employees, Even Better for You

At Uphold Health, we aim to improve the family caregiver experience at every step in the healthcare journey. Our services can increase employee attendance, ensure better continuum of care and keep your team healthier and more productive for the long haul. All this, while reducing your benefits costs simultaneously.

Are you interested in doing more for your employees’ (and your organization’s) long-term health? Then contact Uphold Health today to learn more. We’re here to help.

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