How Uphold Health Works

Streamlined care planning that benefits all participants on the healthcare spectrum.

Our Approach

We deliver customized advance care and end of life planning services that help patients better understand their options and communicate their health care wishes. We support informed decision-making, help predict and prepare for future care events and connect patients, providers and health systems with right-sized solutions at the right time in the care process.

How it Works

The process is simple and straightforward. Patients and caregivers come to Uphold Health for guidance (either via their provider or of their own accord), and we take it from there.

It looks like this:

  1. Providers, employers and health systems invite individuals or caregivers to use the Uphold Health platform before, during or after a visit.
  2. Individuals and caregivers have a brief conversation with an Uphold Health team member to learn more about their needs and match them with the appropriate licensed clinical social worker.
  3. A licensed clinical social worker engages with an individual via our video-platform to discuss their future care decisions, explore options, and discover the right resources.
  4. Documents such as DNRs and powers of attorney are created and care preferences are shared with family, providers, health plans, etc.
  5. Individuals and caregivers have the opportunity to reconnect with their assigned social worker at any time, either to gain additional support or to change their preferences.

The whole process is designed to ensure a more personalized, custom-fit advance care experience that adheres to the patient’s exact end of life preferences.

More Personalized, More Prepared

Our approach offers individuals and providers better, more actionable and more personalized care at every point in the healthcare process. It empowers patients to learn more about their health, plan for future care needs and better communicate their wishes with providers, caregivers and anyone else involved in their care.

Are you ready to enjoy better care? Need help with end of life planning or want to offer your patients an improved care experience? Our licensed clinical social workers can help.