Our Story

Uphold Health is the product of CEO Maggie Norris’ own experience with end of life care and planning. When her father, Mark, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012, Maggie and her sister, Kayt, became the primary caregivers. The conversations with his doctor were terse and truncated, and Mark’s last days were spent shuffling between emergency rooms, rehabilitation centers and senior homes — an experience that ultimately exacerbated his suffering and decreased his quality of life in those short remaining months.

As Maggie explains, “We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know what he wanted. We didn’t know what to do. It was a nightmare, and his nurses, doctors, even his financial adviser said this was ‘just the way it is.’ We were lost and at the mercy of the system.”

After Mark passed away, Maggie decided “the way it is” just wasn’t good enough  for her father or for anyone else — and Uphold Health began to take root.

Who We Are

Launched in 2017, Uphold Health is a digital health agency based in Chicago. We help individuals and caregivers better navigate, understand and coordinate their care options — particularly end of life care. Our licensed clinical social workers empower patients with knowledge, connect them with the right resources at the right time, and helps deliver a more efficient, effective and enjoyable healthcare experience from start to finish.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal at Uphold Health is to improve the overall healthcare experience through education, resource coordination and powerful digital tools. We believe today’s care industry is too impersonal, has too many middlemen and leaves many individuals feeling lost, confused and just plain overwhelmed. We’re creating a better way to go about end of life care and healthcare in general.

Our Team

We’re a cross-generational team of physicians, designers, healthcare executives, caregivers, developers, and entrepreneurs focused on collaborating to improve the healthcare experience at every stage of life. From assisting with DNRs, advance directives and powers of attorney to simply helping you better understand your diagnosis or care options, our team of experts is here every step of the way.

Maggie Norris headshot - CEO and Founder

Maggie Norris

Founder and CEO
Fahad Sami headshot - Chief Technology Officer

Fahad Sami

Kevin Slusarz headshot - Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Slusarz

Tarah Knaresboro headshot - Director of Product Design

Tarah Knaresboro

Director of Product Design
Shannon Hall headshot - Director of Marketing

Shannon Hall

Director of Marketing
Kayt Norris headshot - People Training and Development

Kayt Norris

People Development & Training
Karen Burckhardt headshot - Advisor to Uphold Health

Karen Burckhardt

Strategy Advisor
Dr. Margaret Overton MD headshot - Medical Advisor

Dr. Margaret Overton MD

Medical Advisor

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