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Advance Care Planning

We know first-hand how overwhelming the healthcare world can be — especially when you’re struggling with a new diagnosis, suffering from a painful illness or just dealing with the ins and outs of aging.

That’s why at Uphold Health, simple is our ultimate goal.

Our platform is designed to adapt to your preferred method of engagement. You’ll be matched with a dedicated care coordinator who will listen to your concerns, clarify your care options and guide you from start to finish as much or as little as you want.

Our care navigators can:

  • Assess your current and future care needs
  • Identify gaps in care planning and clarify care options
  • Facilitate conversations with providers and caregivers
  • Recommend appropriate care resources, services and products
  • Advise on your insurance coverage and other benefits
  • Help estimate future out-of-pocket costs

End of Life Planning

If you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness or just want to prepare for your future care, our care navigators can also assist with end of life planning.

This can include:

  • Do Not Resuscitate forms (DNRs)
  • Polst forms
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Advance directive forms

We can also help make your wishes known by facilitating conversations with providers and caregivers. Don’t want 10 different treatments or day-in and day-out appointments? Our care coordinators will help you communicate your end of life wishes with those who need to hear it.

Is Uphold Right for You?

Our care coordinators work to simplify healthcare decisions no matter what stage of life or illness you may be experiencing.

We may be right for you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed or uncertain
  • You want to better understand your future care options
  • You feel your concerns aren’t being heard or that your care isn’t being customized to your desires
  • You’re having trouble finding the right resources, products or services for your needs
  • You’re confused about insurance coverage, benefits or costs of your care
  • You want to be sure your wishes are honored by providers and loved ones
  • You need help with end of life planning tasks or decisions

Advance Care Coordination at Your Fingertips

Do you need help navigating your healthcare options? Our care coordinators are here for you. Complete the following form, and you’ll be connected to one of our care coordinators within 24 hours.

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