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Advance care services and health literacy that put you and your patients ahead of the curve.

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Why Leverage Uphold Health?

You want to do all you can to improve your patients’ health, but you only have so many resources. You’re time-strapped, you don’t have as many admin employees as you’d like, and you can’t be everywhere, for everyone at every point in the care process.

But Uphold Health can.

Uphold’s advance care coordinators step in when you can’t. We help educate patients, plan future care and support informed decision-making at every step along the way.

Key benefits of our services include:

  • Improved provider access to advance directives, DNRs, POLST forms, etc.
  • Automated paperwork and planning documentation
  • Increased patient support
  • Improved patient and caregiver engagement
  • Earlier and more effective care-related discussions
  • Better adherence to patient wishes and end of life preferences
  • Revenue share of Advance Care Telehealth Reimbursements

Simple, No-hassle Integration

Our services integrate directly with your existing patient portal, making it easy for patients to set up an appointment with a care coordinator, facilitate difficult conversations and have autonomy of their preferred care from the very start.

Our technology also gives you and your patients access to:

  • Our predictive engine, which ensures patients have access to the right resources at the right time
  • Living advance care planning documents, including DNRs, advance directives, POLST forms and more that evolve as your patients’ wishes do
  • Automatic documentation and CMS billing with zero impact on your existing workflow

Extra Patient Care, None of the Extra Work

Uphold Health has the power to improve your patient’s experience without any extra work or hassle on your part. Integrate our advance care navigation software directly into your existing systems, and enjoy better alignment with patient wishes and improve care planning immediately.

Would you like to improve your patient care without putting extra strain on your practice? Uphold Health can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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